International e-Conference: "Promoting European values in the time of social distancing"

The Erasmus+ KA3 “Teachers4Europe: Setting up an Agora for Democratic Culture” (2018-2021) Program, led by and oriented to the production of creative work and the promotion of the European ideas in education, organizes the international e-Conference entitled «Promoting EU values in the time of social distancing», which will take place on Saturday May 30th 2020, 9:00 a.m. – 18:30 p.m. The topic priority of the e-Conference will be the onsite and online teaching of EU values in school settings.

As such, its main purpose will be to disseminate and discuss innovative methodological approaches and teaching techniques and tools, as regards the teaching of EU values during the recent emerging changes. Selected papers will be presented, including good practices already implemented at schools and/or creative suggestions and ideas suitable for the new educational circumstances with an emphasis on how these could be applied to the teaching of EU values.

Therefore, we welcome the submission of abstracts of maximum 500 words. Each individual or pair/group presentation should last up to 10 to 15 minutes, and the final paper should not exceed 6000 words. All the presenters will receive a presentation Certification. Selected papers will also be published in the conference proceedings.

The attendance of the e-Conference by the Ambassadors T4E and the Teachers4Europe is optional; however, since teachers and experts of all countries of our network will take part in this action, it would be an excellent opportunity for a constructive and creative dialogue on issues of common interest.

The e- Conference will be conducted in English.

Abstract submission deadline: 17th May 2020

Selection notice: 22nd May 2020

Final paper submission deadline (for the proceedings): 1st July 2020

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