On-site training seminar - T4E Thessaloniki

The first meeting took place two weeks ago over Skype. We got to know each other as a group, we studied the templates and we talked about the T4E program in general. Today, Saturday 23.2.2020, our 2nd meeting took place, this time on site, in Thessaloniki with T4E Ambassador, Konstantina Chrysanthopoulou.

We got to know each other better, exchanged experiences and discussed new goals. The topics, the ways of implementation and the timetable of implementation were updated. We talked about reinforcing democratic thinking and European citizenship. We mentioned the importance of the 17 sustainable development goals. We also looked at digital tools and collaborative platforms that we could use in our joint projects. Of course, we also discussed ways of training and certification through the T4E program.
The value of cooperation and teamwork was at the heart of our meeting today! The boat of our group is sailing off into the T4E sea…

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