On-site training seminar - T4E Thessaloniki, Imathia, Pieria

The first educational meeting of the Τeachers4Europe of Pieria, Imathiα and Thessaloniki took place in the Town Hall of Thessaloniki, within the context of the European program "Teachers4Europe: Setting an Agora for Democratic Culture". The Teachers participating in the meeting had the opportunity to attend the presentations of the four ambassadors (Nikos Amanatidis, Efi Goti, Paris Kourtis, Sophia Touplikioti) being part of the network. Their presentations referred to the “nature” of the program, the Teachers4Europe Digital Platform, the completion of the Project templates required as well as the demonstration of useful web tools and best project practices. The meeting was also attended by Chryssa Antoniou, who is the Head Officer of Europe Direct Information Center. She provided the teachers with useful material and she informed them of the active role of Europe Direct KEDITH, http://www.kedith.gr/europe-direct, which distributes information and advice about the European Union’s policies in any of the 23 European languages, including the Greek one. The Europe Direct centers promote local and regional debate about the European Union and give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the EU institutions. Throughout the meeting, the teachers were given the chance to get to know with each other, to exchange views and put forward their own ideas. They all seemed to be willing and excited to start different partnerships with other countries involved in the program.