On-site training seminar - T4E Fthiotida

On Wednesday, 12th of February 2020, the team of Teachers4Europe of Secondary Education of Fthiotida, had their 1st onsite meeting with their Ambassador T4E, Despoina Mavrovounioti in Lamia, at Hotel Samaras. There was a detailed presentation both of theoretical and practical issues related to the European project Erasmus + KA3, Teachers4Europe: Setting an Agora for Democratic Culture (T4E), 2018-2021 (https://www.teachers4europe.eu/). Teachers4Europe exchanged ideas for the implementation of the project expressing their opinion as well. What matters most is the friendly and cooperative atmosphere that was created. As an Ambassador4Europe, I feel happy about building an ambitious team.

Despoina Mavrovounioti, English Teacher, 
Coordinator of Educational Work, 
Ambassador 4Europe of Secondary Education, Fthiotida, Central Greece