On-site training seminar - T4E Attiki

1st Onsite Training Session

Date: Saturday, 22/02/2020

Venue: 18th Primary School of Agios Dimitrios, Attiki

Time: 11.00 – 13.30

Sheduled activities:

  • Experiential activity: Getting to know each other (Kotsidis, Lazaridis)
  • Experiential activity: Emerging the expectations of the T4E participants for the Program (Kotsidis)
  • Experiential activity: Promoting Digital literacy, using WordArt to record expectations (Kotsidis)
  • Presentation of the program Teachers4Europe: a) As it was in the past (2011-2018) and b) Today, as Erasmus+ ΚΑ3 (2018–2021) entitled “Teachers4Europe: Setting an Agora for Democratic Culture”. Fostering the issues and themes of the program (Lazaridis)
  • Presentation of the T4E Joint Project Template, the Project template and the T4E Project Template Guidelines. Giving explanations, answering to questions of the T4E participants and giving examples. Informing for resources for EU (Lazaridis, Kotsidis)
  • Experiential activity: The T4E trainees discuss in groups for given case studies, problem – reflection situations and sharing conclusions are emerging (Lazaridis)
  • Experiential activity: Promoting Digital literacy, getting to know and using Padlet (Kotsidis)
  • Closing of training session (Lazaridis, Kotsidis)