Activity Submission

Guidelines for all the partners regarding the upcoming events or actions;

1. In case of any action or activity that is going to be carried out by a partner, the specific partner should inform the other parties, in order for the event/action to be notified to the social media.

2. So, the partner conducting an activity or event, should fill in all the required fields of the relevant form, which will be available on the website for the specific purpose.

3. After completing the form, the events or actions will be posted on the website. 4. The relevant logos which are going to be utilized, will also be available on the website

5. After the conduction of the event, material from the event such as videos and photos should be sent, in order to be included along with the description of the specific action.

6. Lastly, the partners should mention the stakeholders that have taken part in the relevant event, and also the bodies or entities that supported it.

Submit your Activity